Technical Services

Technical Documentation - 3D CAD models, 2D drafting, camera ready graphic rendered illustrations from product concept, manual creation, label graphics and BOM creation.

model_bottomPCB Layout - From schematic entry or revising existing designs. Layouts in analog, digital, high count multi-layers, high density, high speed, impedance controlled, differential-pairs, matched length routing, DRC, DFM and to IPC standards.

Electronic Enclosures and Parts - From concept or revising existing designs. Complete design of ergonomic sheet metal, extruded or injection molded enclosures, membrane switch panel assembly, overlays, small part and sub-assembly. Designs to help meet UL, CSA, CE safety standards and FCC EMI standards.

Personalized Technician Support - adapted to your specific need or process. Could be lab or manufacturing line set up support, CAD or technical libraries creation or support, technical presentation support. What needs do you have?

See the about page to learn more and call or email for specific support available for your project.